Millers Oils New Zealand

Millers Oils have been manufacturing high quality oils and lubricants since 1887, and now produce one of the most advanced ranges of performance lubricants and fuel treatment products. With over 120 years of lubrication knowledge and experience, Millers Oils now provides an extensive range of high performance products including some of the most advanced of their type in the world.


Millers Oils are highly respected for their achievements in products providing maximum performance. Working closely with vehicle and machinery manufacturers they ensure that their products surpass the stringent OEM approval standards. Millers Oils delivers high quality, high performance, advanced formulation that customers can rely on and trust.

Millers Oils are leading lubricant manufacturers for:
Advanced automotive engine oils
Automotive transmission oils
Oils for motorsport – cars and bikes
Oils for Classic cars and bikes
Fuel treatment products for trucks and cars both diesel and petrol
Oils for engineering
Oils for industry
Oils for the textile industry
Oils for the food industry

Pacron Limited

In 2007 Pacron Limited, a New Zealand owned and operated company, secured the sole rights to supply and distribute the full range of Millers Oils products within New Zealand. The company is committed to provide superior customer service and first class technical backup for the extensive range of Millers Oils products offered to the New Zealand market.

Pacron Limited is an agent of Millers Oils Ltd – Millers Oils Ltd corporate website is at: